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Axient digital rack shure

Radio Systems

Due to increasing spectrum demand for digital TV and mobile communications, operating multi-channel audio radio systems for live events is becoming more of a challenge. We offer the latest flagship equipment available together with a wealth of knowledge in spectrum analysis, management and planning techniques to make sure our systems can be relied upon. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Shure Axient Digital

  • Shure AD4Q RX

  • Shure AD1 Beltpack TX

  • Shure AD2 HH TX

  • Heads for AD2 - SM58, Beta58A, Beta87A, KSM9

Shure UHF-R

  • Shure UR4D+ Twin RX (K4E)

  • Shure UR4D Twin RX (R9)

  • Shure UR1 Beltpack TX (K4E)

  • Shure UR1 Beltpack TX (R9)

  • Shure UR1M Beltpack TX (K4E)

  • Shure UR2 black, HH TX (K4E)

  • Shure UR2 black, HH TX (R9)

  • Heads for UR2 - SM58, Beta58A, Beta87A, KSM9

Shure Antennas & Distribution

  • Shure UA845UWB Antenna Splitter

  • Shure UA874E Active Directional Antenna (470-790)

  • Shure UA874WB Active Directional Antenna (470-900)

Lavalier Mics for Shure

  • Sennheiser ME104

Headset mics for Shure

  • Pulse Budget Headset Mic

  • DPA 4088 Core Beige

Axient Digital Mic AD2



  • Sennheiser EW100, Single RX (GB)

  • Sennheiser SK100 Beltpack TX (GB)

  • Sennheiser SKM100-835 HH TX (GB)

Headset mics for Sennheiser

  • Pulse Budget Headset Mic

  • DPA 4088 Core Beige

Sennheiser Microphone

Shure IEM's

Shure In Ear Monitors

  • Shure PSM1000

  • Shure P10T Twin TX (K10E)

  • Shure P10R RX (K10E)

Shure Antennas & Distribution

  • Shure PA821A Antenna combiner

  • Shure PA805SWB Antenna

Shure Batteries and Chargers

  • Shure SB900A Rechargable Battery

  • Shure SBC200 Charging Dock

Shure Hard Wired Packs

  • Shure P9HW Wired Beltpack

Shure Earphones

  • Shure SE315 Earphones - black

  • Shure SE315 Earphones - clear

Shure PSM1000

RF Venue

Signal Distribution

  • DISTRO 4

  • 4 ZONE


  • Diversity Fin

RF Venue Diversity Fin Antenna

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