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Speakers & Amps

We offer a wide range of loudspeakers from small point source cabinets to large horn loaded point source systems and line arrays to address the largest crowds. All elements of the system are designed using the latest Ease Focus software, including modelling of line arrays, fill speakers and sub woofer arrays. Advanced system control architecture is deployed in the field to make sure every element of the system is optimised in the setup and tuning process.


TW Audio & HD Audio fully support the Powersoft X Series amplifier & DSP platform. We have developed the necessary programs to run all our existing speaker systems from these too, enabling ultimate flexibility in deployment.


  • Powersoft - X4 Dante


TW Audio Speakers

  • TW Audio - M8 Point Source

  • TW Audio - T20 Point Source

  • TW Audio - T24N Point Source

  • TW Audio - Vera36 Line Array

  • TW Audio - S33 Cardioid Subwoofer

  • TW Audio - B30 Subwoofer

  • TW Audio - S30 Subwoofer

TW Audio

Harmonic Design Speakers

  • HD Audio - MP10 Point Source

  • HD Audio - P18 Active Subwoofer

Harmonic Design

Pro Audio Technology Speakers

  • Pro Audio Technology - HT16 Point Source

  • Pro Audio Technology - MT12 Point Source

  • Pro Audio Technology - M20 Monitor

  • Pro Audio Technology - SW18 Subwoofer

  • Pro Audio Technology - SW28 Subwoofer

Pro Audio

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